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KCOM Webmail Login Help : Set up your Karoo Webmail Now!

KCOM Webmail introduces some new features. What is it? Do I check Karoo Webmail features and my emails, contacts, and calendars? Here you will find step-by-step instructions on how to log in to the webmail.

KCOM provides excellent support and services like buttons and shortcuts on the home page, sending an email service, adding an attachment and contacts, editing contacts, and a calendar, limiting your mailbox capacity, etc. to its users.

Webmail users, log in to [] using your KCOM email address ( and password. If you have forgotten your login credentials feel comfortable to call 01482 602555.

KCOM Webmail Login Guide

Hey guys, are you searching for a webmail user login guide? then you are on the right web page. This article is only for you. Below I’ve mentioned the step-by-step login guide for all the new webmail users.

First of all, you should know “What is your login email address?” and your password, and then follow the given guide.

  • First, go to the login page (
kcom webmail karoo
kcom webmail karoo
  • Enter your Username (for example “”).
  • Type your password in the next text field.
  • Click on the Login button.
Webmail Sing-In Page Visit Here
Official Website

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How to Use Karoo Webmail Services

  1. Button and Shortcuts on the homepage: On the homepage, access your contacts, calendar, mail, and settings tasks.
  2. Sending an Email: Go to the mail and click on the compose button.
  3. Adding an Attachment: Users can attach a 16 MB file.
  4. Send email in plain text or HTML: You have the option to send email in plain text or HTML.
  5. Mailbox Capacity: You have 250 MB of mailbox disk space.
  6. Refreshing your mailbox: KCOM provides a Refresh button to make sure you are seeing the up-to-date mail.
  7. Adding Contacts: Add new contacts at any time.
  8. Create a Contact Group: Select contact to create a group of contacts.
  9. Edit Contact: Edit your contacts from the contact card.
  10. Calendar: Create a calendar for work, holidays, events, etc.

User Guide for Karoo Webmail Settings

  • User Interface: Click on settings, then Preferences, hereafter User Interface, and change your language, time zone, format, pretty dates, and set the refresh time (check for new messages, etc.).
  • Mailbox View: go to settings preferences, then mailbox view and set your mailbox layout, mark message as read, On request for return receipt, Expand message threads, Rows per page.
  • Displaying Messages: Set up how you want to display your messages.
  • Composing Messages: This is for writing emails. In this setting section, you will see compose mail options, signature options, spellcheck options, and some advanced setting options.
  • Contacts: How your contacts display, which address book is used as default.
  • Special Folder: Choose how your folder name displays for your mailbox.
  • Server Settings: This is for deleted items.
  • Calendar: Make your calendar settings for default view, working hours, event coloring, time slots per hour, etc.

How do I register for KCOM?

Not registered for KCOM webmail service? Let’s know how to create a new account in a few minutes. It’s not a very long process. It is a few-step understandable process and easy to do for every new user.

Below you will find a complete guide to registering online for KCOM UK webmail services.

  1. Go to the Webmail sign-in official page.
  2. On the login page, you will see Register click on that.
  3. Now, fill out the form to “create a new account“.
  4. Enter your First Name, Last Name, Email, and Password, and click on the Submit button.
  5. Further verification, instructions will be displayed on your system screen. Follow them to conclude your registration.

KCOM Help and Support

Webmail users, if you have any difficulty or confusion then you need to contact the help desk. Be always comfortable to call on given helpline numbers.

Technical Support Consumer: 01482606101
Regional business: 01482 602161
Customer Service and Sales01482602555
Paying a bill01482604706
Flex Sales 01482606101
Landline Switchover 01482484272
Landline Faults 01482602151

About KCOM

Organization Name KCOM Group Ltd.
Formerly KnownKingston Communications
HeadquarterKingston upon Hull, England, UK
Official Website


There is any guide to resetting my webmail login password?

No, you can call 01482 602555 or get help on the Contact Us form by visiting

How do I know if KCOM calling me?

KCOM always calls from 01482 293879.

Can I able to attach a 17MB file?

No, the maximum file size is 16 MB.

What is my Mailbox Capacity?

The disk space is 250 MB.


The KCOM webmail service is used by thousands of UK people to create calendars for work, family events, holidays, etc. adding contacts, contacts groups, view mailboxes, display messages, folders, and more. Through this article, I’ve shared some helpful guides for webmail users. Hope it helps you a lot.